Autumn in my veins

October 30, 2016


Happy Halloween!

Anyone else still trying to put together a last minute costume? The good news is the Autumn weather is holding and kids won’t have to layer a snowsuit underneath. That was the worst.

I don’t get too excited this time of year because I know what’s around the corner. Hurricane like winds, white landscapes and bad moods in case you were wondering. So naturally I try to defy the inevitable by preserving the fruits of Autumn and neatly stacking the jars of care and affection into my pantry. This year we were mostly busy trying to keep up with the plum and apple trees but mixed in a couple canners of chock cherry syrup, pickled beets and salsa. With 18 fruitful apples trees we ended up with over 100 quarts of pale pink applesauce, A LOT of 1/2 gallon jugs of raw apple cider and far too many taunting apple desserts in the house. I am currently trying to perfect my apple tart. My last try showed promise but think I have a couple more tweaks to the crust. I have also been working on a walnut ice cream tart topped with warm apple slices.  This dessert combines some of my favorites things so I can confidently say it’s nearing the top of my favorites list. I have yet to bake an apple pie but I have sliced and frozen plenty of apples for a winter pick me up. I’ve always stayed tried and true to the family recipe but I thought one way to make change without change is with a decorative crust. I’ve really been inspired lately by a photographer and cookbook author from Sweden, Linda Lomelino. So I am trying this look and this look. The latter may inspire you to wow your Thanksgiving dinner guests!



So what else have I been doing besides canning and crying about Winter since I last posted almost 2 months ago? Well we finished up haying and harvesting. And with all the tractor hours logged I listed to some pretty good podcasts. this one being a favorite: Corinne Bailey Rae’s The Heart Speaks in Whispers. There’s six episodes that average around 20 minutes each. She explores the themes and personal experiences that fueled  her latest album, The Heart Speaks in Whispers. Exploring the different ways that we can become more consciously connected with our bodies, minds and the natural world around us. Corinne speaks to philosophers, experts, musicians, authors and artists across the field as she examines the art of being ‘present’. SO GOOD!

We weaned calves the day after Labor Day so we are serving the boys and girls every morning and evening now for the next 6 or so months. We’ve also been working on replacing an old coral system.  And it looks like we might actually get to pat ourselves on the back this year. You might think there’s not a whole to it but let me tell you its nothing short of a full design starting with grading, excavation and concrete work for the new barn, chute and tub system followed by welded steel panel corals. This isn’t something you tear down and start from scratch in 5 years so there’s a lot of opinions and ideas to sift through. Oh and how could I forget the family was nominated and recognized as a winner for Montana State’s Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship family busy award!



My youngest sister twisted my arm for another family photo session. This one focused around my 3 nieces and nephew and my youngest sister and her son. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I don’t make a living photographing kids cause I’d be broke and crazy. I love ‘em all to pieces but it’s really really hard to get a good photo when someone (ahem, Miss Molly) is trying her hardest to kill every photo. The good news is I think we ended up with a handful of wall worthy photos!




Luke and I are nearing the end of our first design/build project together. And yes, we are still together and happy and I have actually started designing our next project. I can’t wait to share photos. Its killing me but I really want to hold off a little longer until cabinets, counters, tile etc are done. You know, the aesthetics that actually make it look like a house! So stay tuned cause were hoping to be done before Christmas! Luke and I also celebrated 5 years of marital bliss in October. Its true, well at least the 5 years part!! 🙂

And since I still have Autumn in veins, below are a couple great boots I’ve stumbled across! Yes, I have a problem.

1. I ordered these and can’t wait for them to arrive!

2. These remind me of a pair of boots Luke wears and I love them.

3. My sister bought these wedges and I am a little jealous!

4. And I really want to order these.

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