Home Sweet Home | Part 1

August 9, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Luke and I live in an old three bedroom farmhouse on my family’s ranch. When we moved from California to the old farmhouse on the ranch, I converted one bedroom to an office and another a maze of cardboard storage boxes. In our minds, the move into my family’s farmhouse was temporary while we sifted through real estate sites. It was supposed to be a transitional home.

Three years later we are still here and so are the boxes. And so earlier in the summer I asked Luke if it could be possible that we were actually living on our dream property. The community is filled with artist and farmer/rancher types. We are nestled in a secluded valley outside of booming Bozeman. We are surrounded by ‘pay per view’ mountains and verdant ag land. We wake to song birds and fall asleep to the systematic *shhhh-tik-tik-tik* of sprinklers. Maybe just maybe we needed to walk down our half mile driveway and look at our three bedroom farmhouse from a different perspective. And that’s when I bribed him, “I’ll make you a chocolate peanut butter silk pie if you tear out the shag carpet, retexture the popcorn ceiling and help me conquer the complicated maze upstairs.”

After updating the dining area/living room I am feeling like I can’t ask to0 many favors especially since we are right in the middle of our first design/build project together. Thanks Luke, it looks great!


Dining Area

I’ve searched high and low for the perfect tea pot and I think I finally found it here.

I hummed and hawed about this purchase, which is kind of crazy considering I toss almost every salad in it.

This book may be responsible for the updated living space! I highly recommend the read if you want a simple uncluttered  life.

Add these three budget friendly wines to your refrigerator while summer still lingers. Poema/Bicudo Vinho Verde/Cavalchina Bardolino Chiaretto Rose.

I’ve been living in these tees. I now have five colors!

A week or so ago while I was waiting in line at Lowes I picked up a Better Homes and Garden magazine. The entire issue is dedicated to delicious tomato recipes. Go get it.

Sitting Area 2


Sitting Area

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  • Hi Katie, your website/blog is looking beautiful!! Are you guys hosting another Seasonal Montana event this year?



    • admin_cooper.ks

      Hey Hillary, sorry for the delay.

      I only hosted one dinner this year and I put it on myself. I had a friend and cook prepare the delicious meal.

  • paula woodward

    Oh wow. You have indeed found yourselves. How beautiful. Well done.

  • Mary-Kate Boyd

    So beautiful! Good job, you two!

  • Your ‘home sweet home’ looks great to me!!!

  • Hi from Portland!
    Your home is beautiful. I hope to see you both soon,

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