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July 22, 2015

P&P Flower Crown

DIY Flower Crown

My best friend is getting married in August! It’s about time; I think they have been dating for almost six years! Well, I guess I am not one to talk since it took me seven years of dating before I would tie the knot! Ha. Anyways, the theme of the wedding is a midsummer’s night dream. It will be very woodsy and whimsical with lots of native flora y fauna. So my best friend, with all her wedding preparation, inspired me to create an edible flower crown from foraged bits and pieces found from or around my garden.

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Flower Crown

Everything Golden

DIY Edible Flower Crown


Stem Wire
Green Floral Tape and Wire
Spinach Leaves
Asparagus Fronds
Garlic Scapes
Rhubarb Strips
Marigold Flowers
Lemon Peel


Collect a bouquet of edible flowers, greenery and/or vegetables from your garden or scraps from your recent farmers market trip. I collected a variety of greens and used marigolds and lemon peel for accents of orange and yellow.

Measure a piece of stem wire around the crown of your head. I used two pieces of stem wire and wrapped the ends around each other to form a circle.

Cut edible flowers and greens leaving 2 or 3 inches of stem. Lay clippings around the crown to get a feel for the design. Group clippings together using floral tape and secure to stem wire (crown) using the green wire. I like to arrange the filler greens and smaller flowers first, leaving the statement pieces for last. Place statement flowers (in this case, marigolds) by threading a 4 inch or so piece of green wire through the center from the back, forming a hook to anchor it, then pulling back and wrapping the flower on the crown.


Edible Flower Crown

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