Farming – Harvesting and Haying

August 20, 2014

Farming is in full swing so I thought I would take a little break from the Vogue Gardening Series and share the happenings on the Ranch.

Basically, last week we finished cutting the dry land wheat and this week we started cutting the irrigated wheat. We also started the second cutting of hay. Usually mid-August weather is predictable and cooperative for harvesting and haying. But last week’s 10% chance of rain turned into a couple tenths and cooler days, just enough moisture to extend the harvesting and haying schedule. And this week hasn’t been much better, hot mornings and mid-afternoon showers. What is with this August weather?

I like this time of year. It often reminds me of my childhood. The days spent riding in the buddy seat of the combine eating cupcakes with my Dad. I always wonder what we talked about for hours and hours. I wonder if I pestered him with a million questions or pushed all the buttons and levers. I suppose if I was anything like I am today, I probably just snoozed to the hum of the engine.

I also like this time of the year because I can feel the change in seasons. The days are shorter and the nights are cooler. I start to crave foods that require a bowl and spoon. The air smells fresh and feels crisp. September is across the way and it has always been my favorite month. But I shouldn’t get ahead of myself because autumn is short and winter is long. So with that in mind, I will be enjoying what’s remaining of summer and you should too!

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  • Susan Riegel

    love the photos Katie, thanks so much for sharing
    thinking of you
    Hugs, Susan

    • Glad you enjoy them. Give you a little taste of Montana life. I have been trying to connect with Al but we keep missing each other’s calls.

  • Gayle Zachariasen

    Love the pictures of the ranch and the update about what is going on. I noticed the last two nights that the days are getting a little bit shorter in the PNW too and it gets a little bit nippier on the back porch when I am trying to read late at night.

    • Thanks Gayle!I know the weather has been wet and cool lately. It rained again today. Looks like we won’t finish haying and harvesting for a bit.
      What good book are you reading now?! Mom passed along one of the Southern books you gave her to Kels and I. We both really enjoyed it! Thanks.

  • Mary-Kate

    Those machines are amazing. I just imagine what farmers from 150 years ago would think!

    • I know isn’t it crazy how we have evolved. We have an old combine that sits up on the hill behind my parents house. Quite the antique. Hard to believe it harvested anything!
      How’s California?!

  • paula woodward

    Your pictures so remind me of Montana. And we in Denver are feeling the cooling of the night with that special slant of sun during the day.
    Love your blog!
    Your cousin of a cousin who has daughters.
    Hi to Mark and Kristi.

    • Hi Paula! Thanks for tuning in! So good to hear from you. I will definitely pass along the “Hello” to my folks!

  • Thanks for the update on ranch life. I feel like I can almost smell the dry, cut grass. I love the differences in the sky… Clear, cloudy, wispy… It truly is Big Sky Country. I can only imagine the starry night sky.
    Love to you and Luke.

    • Yes, the smells are outrageous right now. Between the wheat and hay, evenings on the porch are quite fragrant.
      Look forward to seeing you soon!

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