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July 8, 2014

Since I’m talking about food & farming. The Farm to Table Field Dinner is coming up. Have you bought your tickets yet? We have been prepping the site. The area has been mowed, weed-eated and bladed. Next week we will spread wood chips, hang lights and build fire pits. So excited, don’t miss it. Only one event this year.

food & farming

I know what you are thinking. This jalapeno and dill pickle burger with whipped feta is not a cleanse friendly recipe. You’re right. That’s my husband’s dinner. Substitute the gluten and dairy for garden greens and that’s my dinner. A dinner I actually eat more nights than not. It’s true.

I made this whipped feta for the first time a couple months ago. It’s delicious. You will want to smear it on everything. And trust me, I did. Just one more reason why I started a 30 day cleanse! Since dairy is not my friend for 15 more days, I can’t say I have actually tried the whipped feta with the burger. But I decided it was post worthy from my husband’s feedback. Give it a try and report back!

Jalapeno and Dill Pickle Burger

Jalapeno and Dill Pickle Burger with Whipped Feta and Tomato

1 pound hamburger
1/3 cup pickled jalapenos, diced
1/3 cup dill pickles, diced
2 tablespoons dijon mustard
4 multri grain with flax buns
4 ounces feta cheese crumbles
3 ounces whipped cream cheese
2 Roma Tomatoes
salt and pepper

With the metal whisk attachment on mixer, whip feta crumbles until they just start to clump together. Add whipped cream cheese and continue whipping until creamy and smooth. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. I used whipped cream cheese but you could use regular. Just make sure it is at room temp so it whips well. Set aside for later

Dice jalapenos and pickles. In a medium sized bowl, add hamburger, pickles, jalapenos, mustard, and salt and pepper. Mix together all ingredients with clean hands. Form four (1/4 lb) patties. Leave a dent in the middle, for a flat cooked patty.

Heat grill. You want it hot! Add patties and grill each side until cooked through. I like mine grilled with a nice crust on the outside and pink on the inside. Toast buns on the grill right before removing burgers. Remove burgers and allow to rest for a couple of minutes.

Place the burgers on the bottom half of the buns and add whipped feta and tomato slices to top half of the buns.


tarp and tire

We tarped and tired the silage pit last week (sigh of relief)! I think we were all starting to wonder if Mother Nature would cooperate and lend us consecutive days of sunshine. Hard to believe now, since it appears we have entered the dog days of summer with temps over 90 for the past couple of days. No complaining here, its a perfect transition into haying.


We packed about 600 tons of silage this year, which equates to about 110 truck loads. I drove truck a couple days this year. Let’s just say its not the most comfortable job. The old yellow truck has no radio, no air conditioning, and the window is broke. So I had a choice, leave the window up and sweat it out or leave the window down and itch from a layer of silage. I chose to sweat over itch. But that’s just me.

The silage will be used starting this fall to feed the bull calves. We mix the silage with chopped hay and grain. This mixture is fed morning and night until green grass pasture is an option again in spring.

old yellow truck


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  • Gayle Zachariasen

    Love your pictures of the ranch. Your Farm to Table Field Dinners sound great. Your hamburger looks delicious. I’ll have to try your recipe at our next barbecue. The beef we get out here probably won’t be as good as Cooper beef, but we buy the Oregon Painted Hills beef, which is supposed to be grown the right way. Costs a little more, but does taste pretty good.

    • Yes, the burger is killer. I think your friends and family would enjoy that at the next BBQ! Glad to hear you are supporting the local beef producers out there in Oregon. Good work!
      I will post pictures next week of the Farm to Table Dinner!

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